Hi, Translate any video from any language to any language in a matter of seconds!

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Hi, welcome to Targum
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You can paste a link to twitter, tiktok, instagram, reddit and get translation in seconds.
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You can also upload a video or drag and drop, or record from a mobile device
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Great translators from all around the world love using Targum and @Vidtranslator!

“If you haven't heard of @vidtranslator you have now. Doing an amazing job of translating videos and for free. It's changed the information sharing space and people's ability to understand what's going on. Give them a follow.”


“I second this nomination. @vidtranslator connects you to other people across the world by understanding video content outside of conventional media. Understanding others creates shared empathy. It is so much more than video translation.”


“Absolutely amazing product. Thank you for making it available. Would be fantastic to get access to the additional beta tools.”

Igor Sushko

“I and others would gladly pay a few dollars for a video like this to be translated, for what its worth.”


“Thank you so much for your work I spent over 2 decades engaging China and hoping their next generation would change and now Xi has made it so they become a lost generation with no voice. So your tool is giving them a voice”


“You have an amazing product. Twitter is not overly compatible with Google lens. Google translate for videos SUCKS. I look forward to somehow being able to use it on other platforms either as an app that does an overlay or similar to Google lens on Telegram.”

Marybeth McKenzie

“An online Artificial Intelligence Powered service that does a better language translation than Google Translate. It is very simple, fast and effortless to use. I love using Targum because Targum is the only service that can do this quickly, with high quality and easily.”


“Hello. The quality is great. Unfortunately, I don't use any traditional social media like FB, Twitter to share this video to. If there was a way to download the translated video to upload to another site then that would be incredibly helpful. From a viral marketing standpoint, it will also allow greater visibility beyond traditional social media. Would really like to get the video otherwise.”

Sparks McGuffin

What is “Targum” anyway?

Targum means "translation" in Ancient Aramaic that refers to the first ever translation. We're bringing this concept to videos with the help of AI. Send us a video in any language and we'll translate it to any language in a matter of seconds.

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