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They have been armed, they have been shot, they have been armed, and they continue. And this is Ukraine, this is the Ukrainian Armed Forces. It is in the stage of spiritual rise, their spiritual rise, in quotes.
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Because they live in an atmosphere of victory. They always have victories, both tangible and real.
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Therefore, now I agree with Colonel Khodakovsky, the offensive is really being prepared, and maybe not one, maybe two, and maybe some kind of raid with the capture of a conditional Shebekin or conditional Valuik.
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They now need to, and the West needs to, to strike as much of a prestigious blow as possible on Russia.
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We forget that one of the main goals of the West now with Russia is not just to weaken it, but to change the regime, to remove Putin. This is one of the main tasks. And they believe that with such actions...
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Just in the case of Shebekin and Valuik, God forbid, without thinking, nuclear missile on Kiev, is not it?
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Yes, we always have thoughts, and today...
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But maybe it's enough to think?
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If we are already talking about Shebekin, about Valuik...
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Khodovchenko said it very well.

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