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This is Melitopol, a city in the Zaporozhye region, which has been in occupation for 9 months.
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There are dozens of Russian posters around the city, but signs in Ukrainian on the buildings have been preserved.
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However, everything is hung on the street with Russian flags, not literally on every pillar.
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In the center, the occupation authorities again installed Lenin's monument.
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The previous Ukrainian authorities demolished it 7 years ago.
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The residents of Melitopol, a journalist who was allowed to film in the city, carefully ask questions about possible hostilities.
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Are you afraid that active hostilities may begin?
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Any person is afraid. Any person is normally afraid when he flies and falls on his head.
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What's surprising here? We are all afraid when shooting.
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What would you like?
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Peace, quiet.
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Of course, I am afraid. I am a normal, healthy person.
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Who is not afraid of this? Everyone is under God. What will happen, will happen.
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Today, the pressure and terror on civilians are increasing.
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I will give you one more example.
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This week, a whole labor team of our hospital, which has more than a thousand employees, gathered.
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They went to the doctors, young and middle-aged medical staff, and told them to write an application to leave the Ukrainian hospital, where they are now receiving the payment,
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and to write applications to enter the new fake hospital created by the Russians.
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Meanwhile, the residents of Kherson, the Russian army, are terrorized by constant shelling of residential buildings, the city authorities say.
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After the occupation troops left the right bank of the Kherson region, Russian shells from the left bank fly to Kherson and nearby villages every day.
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There are victims of civilian casualties and dozens of wounded in the city.
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This is what the five-story Kherson looks like after another shelling.
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Ukrainian volunteers and military help evacuate the residents of damaged houses.
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Kherson can be a sea of ​​pain number two now.
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Now we need to evacuate more people, because there will be shelling, and there is no electricity, no water, no food.
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We need help. We need help in the hospitals, we need help in the hospitals.
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This is very much needed by people.
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We must do everything to make our people warm and be provided for by everyone.
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There is a car traffic jam on the way out of Kherson.
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Residents leave the city, and the residents of Kherson are not allowed to drive.
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The city is in the hope of waiting for more shelling in more peaceful regions.
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In the center of the city, in residential buildings, everywhere.
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The day before yesterday there was an artillery shelling of our house.
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Four apartments burned down, the windows were broken.
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It is impossible to stay there. There is no electricity, no water, no heat.
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So we are going to the brothers, to the shelter.
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People were taken out of Kherson free of charge by evacuation trains.
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For about three or four days there were no shelling, nothing.
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And then there was a round-the-clock nightmare.
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They just started to terrorize us, beat us chaotically.
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There are no goals, no military facilities, nothing.
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No infrastructure, as they say. Nothing. Just residential blocks.
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Free of charge, residents of Kherson are also taken by buses to Odessa, Nikolaev and Krivoy Rog.
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There people are provided with temporary accommodation and sent further to relatives in more secure regions.
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Meanwhile, in Kherson itself, the authorities are declaring that for the first time in a long time, the houses began to return to light.
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When will the destroyed Russian army be able to restore the infrastructure to return heat and water, is not yet known.

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