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The law decree was the product of the protests that took place in Cuba last year.
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On that occasion, the SOS Cuba label was posted on the internet and I remember at that moment that there was a very big controversy
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because it was said that that label had been promoted from the United States with the use of hundreds of bots accounts.
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We did an analysis of that label, we downloaded several hundreds of thousands of tweets and we realized that although there were bots accounts,
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it is true that there were bots accounts, yes there were bots accounts, but they did not represent a single percent of the total conversation
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about the SOS Cuba label. It had not been promoted mainly from the United States, but from Cuba with Cuban accounts.
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The answer from the Cuban government was to censor the website cazadoresdefakenews.info on the island.
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My observation is not directly against the Cuban regime, against the Cuban government, but against all the countries
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including Venezuela, Cuba, Honduras, Ecuador, El Salvador, Colombia.
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In all cases, there are antecedents of the creation of fake account networks that are used to defend themselves against hybrid warfare,
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but they precisely use tactics, techniques and procedures of hybrid warfare.
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But it is very important that the technical part is deprived, that they get involved with independent organizations
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on a subject as complex as the previous speaker was commenting on,
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in which governments cannot only be making decisions, there has to be technical support,
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technical effort that allows us to understand these types of phenomena that are not analyzed overnight.

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