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When they prepare an attack, they land as close as possible to us, like this.
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Well, they pick up people somewhere to the platoon.
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Then a sharp shelling, we all bend down.
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They jump out at this time and start hammering flies at the firing points.
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And then, if they jumped 30 meters, they start throwing lemons.
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To be honest, I don't care when I'm with a Pokémon, who goes there, Wagnerians, Kadirians, what's the difference?
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I let them go 200 meters away, so that the eyes can see. They don't leave anymore.
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At first, we were stormed, as if there was a test moment, with 5 or 6 people.
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Then about 20 people. Well, the battle went on for 4.5 hours.
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We laid, as the company commander says, we laid up to 12 people.
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This is what the air reconnaissance confirmed by video.
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The Russians are scared. They noticed the trend. We hear their voices.
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Let's say, they are being chased. They are being chased by force. They are being forced.
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And in this last battle, it was clear that Wagner is going there, and it is clear that they are mobilized.
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Because we saw this Afghan bushlad, this is his collar.
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And behind, it is clear that the special forces are going, in all their equipment, with cameras, with collimators.
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He is going from behind, and those are in front. And they are being chased, chased, chased, chased.
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And there was another very incomprehensible thing. When they can't take our position, they cover it with artillery.
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So they are even being chased so that when their artillery covers, they are also climbing at that moment.
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When they are already theirs, they can knock them out.
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Well, I think that Russia treats its military personnel like real dummies.
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We spent 30 years in this position. A new change has come. We were brought to a new position.

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