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I was invited to the Emirates, they are seriously engaged in artificial intelligence.
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If you need help, please, I can do it.
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Because, oddly enough, I was at the source of the work of the Emirates on artificial intelligence.
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Chinese scientists, they collected them, gave money, they worked seriously.
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And they asked me to help them work in Belarus.
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I said, yes, God is with you, come.
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Therefore, if he is our main light, connects people to you,
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I will meet with a person who is engaged in this and finance.
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Here they are with us.
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We wrote a technical task on this platform.
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You wrote, yes? Well done.
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Why did I take a bite on this, let's say, not only because there will be 5 billion dollars in investments.
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They promised me to create this smart city and there an educational powerful platform for artificial intelligence.
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There will be a university, we will prepare people.
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Therefore, you think, if you need support or more contact with these people, they have advanced far in this regard.
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Please, I'm at your service.
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You can rely on me here, I will support you and help you if necessary.

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